Choosing Our First Trip–Honeymoon to Big Island, Hawaii

Thinking about where to go for our Honeymoon was exciting. Casey had never been on a plane before, so I let him choose the destination. He chose Hawaii. But if you’ve never been to Hawaii, which island are you supposed to go to? In comes the research!

Now that Hawaii was decided, Casey let me choose the island. I scoured the internet, read books, watched videos of other people’s vacations, and asked friends and family where to go. A common thing I noticed in threads of others asking which island to go to was that advice givers needed to know what the person enjoyed doing on trips: Do you want to be a beach bum all week? Do you want endless outdoor activities? Do you need a resort, or are you looking for something more affordable? Will you have a car? The questions were endless.

We decided we wanted to be able to see as much of an island as possible and not stay in one spot all week. It seemed to me, after weeks of research, that the Big Island was the right island for us. The only two people I knew who lived in Hawaii both lived on the Big Island. That’s got to mean something, right?

A close second was Maui, since that was the recommendation from our family members who had been. We stuck with the Big Island because we wanted to experience Kona, Hilo, the volcanoes, South Point, the Waimea countryside…I had a week long itinerary covering the entire island.

If you have a short list of places you’d like to visit, but are agonizing over which to pick, remember that you can go to ALL the places! Just pick one and get going. Since we chose the Big Island for our honeymoon, that doesn’t mean we won’t ever get to experience Maui. It also may take a few trips to really learn what you like to do on vacation. Our first trip confirmed that we like activities and things to do, but also that we need to “schedule” some free time and allow for flexibility.

Traveling ANYWHERE is awesome and exciting! Where was your first vacation? Where are you wanting to go next?

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