Why You Need a Private Cabana at Flamingo Beach

I wanted an epic story to share about how I spent my 30th birthday. Once I realized Aruba was affordable and had flamingos to play with on the beach, it was decided! Here was my perfect day in a private cabana on Renaissance Aruba’s private island, also known as Flamingo Beach.

The island has plenty of free beach chairs, but I saw online that you could rent private cabanas for the day. I had never done this before because it sounded expensive for just a private spot to sit. Since it was my 30th birthday, after much hesitation, I let loose of the purse strings and booked a cabana.

It was the BEST decision ever!

We arrived to the island in the morning and found our beautiful cabana. Our private waiter was writing our name in the sand and welcoming us in. We received Champaign, sparkling water, regular water, strawberries and chocolate, along with our own snorkeling gear, floaties, chairs and towels. Our waiter checked on us regularly throughout the day and treated us like royalty. For this frugal missy, it felt so luxurious! Now I get why people shell out money for this!

The hammock over the water was awesome, and the view was perfect. We did have neighbors on both sides of us, but we were far enough apart that we hardly noticed, and it still felt very private.

We also found we were not alone in and around the cabana!

If you’re wondering if a private cabana is worth the money, it definitely is! It was an amazing, unforgettable experience and It absolutely added to how memorable my day was!

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