Why You Need a Private Cabana at Flamingo Beach

I wanted an epic story to share about how I spent my 30th birthday. Once I realized Aruba was affordable and had flamingos to play with on the beach, it was decided! Here was my perfect day in a private cabana on Renaissance Aruba‚Äôs private island, also known as Flamingo Beach. The island has plentyContinue reading “Why You Need a Private Cabana at Flamingo Beach”

Choosing Our First Trip–Honeymoon to Big Island, Hawaii

Thinking about where to go for our Honeymoon was exciting. Casey had never been on a plane before, so I let him choose the destination. He chose Hawaii. But if you’ve never been to Hawaii, which island are you supposed to go to? In comes the research! Now that Hawaii was decided, Casey let meContinue reading “Choosing Our First Trip–Honeymoon to Big Island, Hawaii”

About Casenna Travels

Casenna is made up of husband and wife Casey and Jenna–hence the name! I (Jenna) have had a love for travel since I was a young girl. My grandparents were world travelers and would always bring my brother and I gifts from around the world. I was fascinated by these items I had never seen–foreignContinue reading “About Casenna Travels”